Best of Scotland People and Places

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People from Scotland reveal the origins of their homeland, culture, and identity

Are you a cultural lover? Scottish culture is shaped by a multitude of unique and important customs, authentic artisanal traditions, and grand historical monuments. People Are Culture is proud to present an ever-expanding collection of stories and interviews that take a deep dive into some of Scotland's cultural customs.

Scotland is a little country with Big Sky panoramas, a rich cultural legacy that includes Celts, castles, and kilts, as well as Picts, pottery, and poetry! On the Isle of Skye, discover the never-ending hunt.

If you're an armchair archaeologist interested in the mystery and inventiveness of ancient buildings and lifestyles, Scotland has a wealth of sites to visit. The Bronze Age Clava Cairns, Neolithic Grey Cairns of Camster, and the Scottish Crannog Centre's reconstruction of a 2,500-year-old loch home are just a few of the Scottish monuments that pique our interest and make us wonder about the lives of its long-ago inhabitants. St. Columba founded the Iona Abbey on the Isle of Iona on Scotland's west coast in 563 A.D., and it remains a serene and contemplative destination for both pilgrims and visitors today.

Scotland also has a rich intangible cultural legacy that is still alive and maybe enjoyed today. The abundance of species in the waters of the Inner Hebrides around Mull and Iona will delight you. Behold the choreography of border collies expertly herding sheep under the guidance of their trainer in the northernmost village of the Scottish Highlands. Interact with the landscape in the Outer Hebrides island of Benbecula by learning how to chop peat from a local on land that has been in his family for 11 generations. At the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, be fascinated by the power of spoken folklore. Meet the Clan Campbell chief and see Inveraray Castle, his ancestral home, in Inveraray.

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