Guide To Best Things To Do In Wales

Best Things To Do In Wales

Wales officially became part of Great Britain in 1707…but relations between the two countries have been described as a friendly rivalry or downright contemptuous.
Politics aside, Wales has a rich history and culture, including its own language, customs, politics, holidays and music.

Wales is the smallest of the three countries that make up the island of Great Britain. While Wales shares much in common with its neighbors England and Scotland, the history of Welsh-English relations has been complicated to put it mildly. This ambivalence/animosity dates back for almost a thousand years, and is the result of centuries of power struggles.

Wales is a Celtic nation, meaning that the ancient Celtic (Central Europe origins) language and culture are still practiced. The heritage of the English is largely Anglo-Saxon (German origins) and Norman (Norse-French origins).

The nature of the relationship between the two countries is perhaps revealed in the name each country uses. The word “Wales” derives from the Old English “Wealys”, meaning a foreigner, whereas the Wesh name for Wales is “Cymru”, which means “brothers”.