Are you someone else who enjoys independent travel and is passionate about experiencing authentic culture? Perhaps right now you're shopping around for your next culturally enriching destination? Or maybe you've decided where you are headed and are seeking out how to access cultural practices there? Either way, you've come to the right place!

BCD’s tagline is “People Are Culture. Connecting is the Destination.” So, our “travel insiders” are actually local people who have shared with us the history, highlights & nuances of the places they are lucky to call home. Each of our itinerary articles is narrated by the insights, anecdotes and personal experiences of people we’ve connected within destinations like Armenia; Aude France; the Azores; and the Scottish Highlands. Our “guides” are everyday ambassadors and include artisans, archaeologists, historians, chefs, curators, teachers, shepards, musicians, weavers…Well, the list goes on! So, go ahead, dive in and read on to meet BCD’s Travel Insiders!

What do we recommend? Heritage sites to visit; performances to witness; foods to savor; markets to haggle in; artisans and cultural standard-bearers to encounter; festivals to revel in; landscapes to explore...and much, much more! Oh, and last but not least--we share our recommendations for logistics & lodging at the bottom of each itinerary!

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