Connecting with Self, Others and A Sense of Wonder

Connecting with Self, Others and A Sense of Wonder

Could you benefit from some daily positivity? Beauty? Inspiration?

Consider treating yourself (or someone else!) to my new book "Connecting with Self, Others & A Sense of Wonder: A 365-Day Book Of Photos Captioned With Uplifting Quotations to Inspire You Each Day".



I can often wake up in a bad mood, so the practice of reading daily inspiration books has turned my attitude around, a day at a time. The "meditation of the day" often presents exactly the message of I am in need, often with unerring accuracy!

In a bit of serendipity, I was inspired to create my own 365-day book, pairing my images from more than 30 countries with motivational and thought-provoking quotes from the sages of the ages.

The photos include landscapes, still lifes and portraits, and the quotes span sources from the B.C. era philosopher Ovid to Oprah, all of whom nail insights about how we think, feel, and behave in ways that still ring true today. Over the ages, successive new generations have put their own twist on observations about the nature of man, and the “aha” moments, wit, wisdom, and wordplay continue.

The book can be purchased from Amazon either in softcover hard copy or Kindle formats.

A word on the pricing. The cost of the book is established by Amazon, not me.

The Kindle price is $5. Of that, I get $2.00.

For the softcover edition, the book's total U.S. price is $53.10. I make $5.03 on each book; Amazon gets the rest.

Amazon charges a production cost of $26.82 per book. On top of that, Amazon adds a profit for themselves of $21.28. Amazon's take of the total price of $53.10 is $48.10

All that said, the cost of the hard copy equates to 14 cents a day!

Check out the "Look inside the book" feature to get a taste of the photo-quote pairings!

Creating this book has been a labor of love. I hope it resonates!

Best wishes for the holidays & beyond!