Merida Music Museum Youth Concert Rehearsal

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Cuban and Spanish Influences Prominent in the Merida’s Music Museum’s Yucatecan Songs

Called “a gateway to the world of romantic music,” Merida’s Museum of the Yucatecan Song includes over 50 oil portraits of composers, performers, poets and promoters of Yucatecan music, which evolved from strong influences from Cuba and Spain. This is one of the most important museums in the country for its invaluable collection of musical memorabilia received as donations from descendents and relatives of famous Yucatecan performers and composers. It is a wonderful place to see how local music was influenced by other cultures and, in turn, was able to influence music on other parts of the world. We were lucky enough to catch a rehearsal by a youth group preparing for a concert, conducted by José Luis Chan Sabido, Director General y Artístico de la Vienna Music & Art Academy-Yucatán


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