How does BCD describe a "best cultural destination"?

Those that teach us, and help us grow in understanding, compassion and capacity for connection.

Join us on the Journey!

Interested in customs & traditions of local people?

Curious about the cultural values & lifestyle of your destination?

Are your favorite travel experiences meetings artisans, visiting historical monuments & sacred places?

Best Cultural Destinations is your cultural tourism curator with ideas & itineraries for inspirational travels and cultural immersion experiences.

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BCD is the only travel website that presents the culture of destinations around the world through the eyes of local people.

With inspiring interviews, powerful human interest stories and insider itineraries, BCD connects you with people around the world engaged in creating & preserving culture.

Culture is a window into our unique differences & shared human condition. Let the authentic voices of local people be your guide!

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Connecting with Self, Others and A Sense of Wonder

Connecting with Self, Others and A Sense of Wonder

Could you benefit from some daily positivity? Beauty? Inspiration?

Consider treating yourself (or someone else!) to my new book "Connecting with Self, Others & A Sense of Wonder: A 365-Day Book Of Photos Captioned With Uplifting Quotations to Inspire You Each Day".

I can often wake up in a bad mood, so the practice of reading daily inspiration books has turned my attitude around, a day at a time. The "meditation of the day" often presents exactly the message of I am in need, often with unerring accuracy!

In a bit of serendipity, I was inspired to create my own 365-day book, pairing my images from more than 30 countries with motivational and thought-provoking quotes from the sages of the ages.

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Best Cultural Destinations' Back Story

Meg Pier

I'm Meg Pier, founder & editor of BCD. I believe people are culture, and that connection is the destination. And how are we transported on this journey? With stories, the same way humanity has made sense of life and connected with each other since Neolithic man created cave art. Storytelling is in our DNA. For a decade, I have been asking people around the world to tell me their stories. As I listen, I connect--with them, their culture, myself, and the Universe.

It's a privilege to present to you the compelling and heart-warming life experiences and cultural traditions of the hundreds of people featured on these pages. BCD is devoted to sharing rich, expansive narratives that have real meaning. We all matter, we each have an incredible story, and everyone has something to teach us. Have fun exploring BCD and enjoy whatever lesson serendipity presents! I promise that your day--and your life--will be enriched!

We all have a story about what drives us. Here's mine. Maybe you'll relate!

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